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1xBet – Insurance On All Bets

Insure all of your bets in full or in part

Ever wanted to place a risky bet but you didn’t want to deal with the potential downside if things do not go the way you planned? In real life this is called insurance. If you are worried that your car will be damaged in an accident or your house goes on fire, you take out insurance to give you compensation in case this event actually occurs.

This is what the folks at 1xBet are doing for sports betting, as they are offering you 100% bet insurance for ALL (!) of your bets! Sounds interesting? Then learn now how to claim this deal!

Mon, 23-01-17
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1xBet Cash back: varies

How can you receive this betting insurance offer?

Step 1

If you are an existing 1xBet customer, simply log in to your account as you usually would. If you do not already have an account with them, just click on the “Get Code” button that can be found below. You will then be taken to the sign-up page where you can fill in the details and get started.

Step 2

Place a bet and select the 100% insurance option.

Step 3

You will be offered a price of insurance and if you agree, your account will be debited by that amount. If the bet wins, you will get paid out in full. If it loses, you will get your entire stake back as you have 100% insurance.

Conditions that are applicable to this betting insurance offer?

  • Several insurances can be bought for the same bet. The total amount of insurances that have been bought cannot be greater than 100% of the stake.
  • When you are placing a bet that you wish to take out insurance on, you will need to select the get insurance option. You will then be offered a price for this insurance which you can decide to accept or reject.
  • For furthers terms and conditions related to this offer, be sure to check out the 1xBet website.

Conclusion on this betting insurance offer?

There is nothing worse than placing a massive bet only for it to fall short and you lose all of this cash in one fell swoop. Now that you have the chance to protect your stake by taking out insurance on it, you can place your bets with a lot more confidence which results in better decisions on your bets. This is all thanks to 1xBet, so don’t hesitate and check them out today.

1xBet - Cash back: varies