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Betser – Balls and Brains

Earn free bets and points each time you bet

When you are constantly placing bets on the same bookmaker site, you want to be shown a bit of love for your loyalty. A lot of companies will just give you a nice welcome offer when you first sign up and then you will be forgotten about from there on out. Thankfully Betser are not one of those companies. They have an offer called Balls and Brains whereby for every 5€ that you bet, you will either get a ball (odds of at least 8.0) or a brains (odds between 1.25 and 7.99). These can be spent in store on free bets and spins.

Sun, 05-02-17
Already used 387x
Betser Free bet: varies

How can you receive this balls and brains offer?

Step 1

If you already have an account with Betser, you will be able to log in to your account as normal and utilise this deal. If you are a new customer, click on the “Get Code” button seen below. You will be taken to the registration page where you simply fill out the relevant details.

Step 2

Place bets in the sportsbook and for every 5€ bet, you will either get a ball or a brain.

Step 3

You will then be able to redeem them at the store for free bets.

Conditions that are applicable to this balls and brains offer?

  • Bets that are placed entirely with Free Bets will not qualify for obtaining Balls/Brains. Thus, you can't use any Bonus money you receive from the Betser Bonus. You cannot exchange balls or brains and they cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • For further terms and conditions related to this deal, please check out the Betser website.

Conclusion on this balls and brains offer?

You know you are dealing with a great bookmaker when they show appreciation for your loyalty. This could be in the form of enhanced prices, free bets, bonuses etc. The folks at Betser are giving you great incentives each time you bet 5€, as you will get a ball or a brain that are points which can be redeemed in their store for certain bonus offers.

Betser - Free bet: varies


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