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Betway – Golf Round Leader Special

Get a 10€ free bet if your golfer is leading after any round

Those that backed Jordan Spieth at last year’s Masters would have been mortified to see the way in which the American imploded on the back nine of the final round of the competition. The folks at Betway clearly saw the way in which Spieth famously lost his way last April and have put together an offer to counteract any golfers in the future who fancy doing a ‘Spieth’ themselves (sorry Jordan!).

If you place a bet of at least 20€ outright on Betway’s selection of golf events, you’ll receive a 10€ Free Bet should your golfer be leading the field after the first, second, or third round of the competition.

Here’s how you can get involved in this offer…

Fri, 17-02-17
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betway Bonus: 10€

How can you receive this Betway ‘Golf Round Leader’ Special Offer?

Step 1

If you already have an account with Betway, simply login as usual. If you don’t however, not to worry – simply click on our button below and follow the quick and easy steps to get started today. If you are new at Betway, you also should check out the Betway Bonus.

Step 2

Place an outright pre-event bet of at least 20€ on Betway’s selected golf events.

Step 3

If the golfer you’ve backed is leading the field after rounds 1, 2 or 3, then you’ll receive a 10€ Free Bet.

Conditions that are applicable to this Betway ‘Golf Round Leader’ Special Offer

  • A minimum bet of 20€ must be placed in order to qualify for this promotion.
  • The maximum Free Bet per customer is 10€.
  • Only one Free Bet per customer is available for each tournament.
  • If not used, the Free Bet will expire 7 days after it was credited into the customer’s account.

Conclusion on this Betway ‘Golf Round Leader’ Special Offer

As any casual golfer will tell you, it remains impossible to predict how a golf player will fare from one hole to the next. One could be slicing the ball into the water hazard one minute, only to be Eagling a par 5 the next. The great thing about this Betway deal however, is the fact that you only need your golfer to be on top for one round in order to win some of your money back.

With the guarantee of at least 10€ back should your golfer get off to a flyer in the first round, the value in betting on golf with Betway is now better than ever! So what are you waiting for?


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